How are evaluation scores calculated?

Each user with BetterInterviews account can complete a candidate evaluation, which results in a score from 0 to 100. When multiple people complete an evaluation, the scores can be compared to see how aligned the reviewers are with the qualification of the candidate. But how exactly how these scores calculated?

The best way to understand how evaluation scores are calculated is to understand how the evaluation template is created in the first place. Evaluation Templates can be used over and over again to evaluate different candidates using the same assessment criteria. Each evaluation template can consist of one of more Assessments. Each assessment is comprised of three parts:

- The question or statement used to evaluate the candidate 
- The type of response - Score of 1 to (max) 10, Either Or, Less or More 
- The importance (weight) of the response (as a percentage). This must total 100% across all assessments.

Each reviewer must respond to each statement/question. The response depends on the set response type. Some assessments ask for a score from 1 to X (max 10), a boolean answer (Yes, or No, Satisfied or Not Satisfied), or a 5-point sliding scale (Less Likely to More Likely).

Next, each assessments overall impact on the evaluation score is tied directly to its weight, so an assessment with a weight of 50% will have that much weight in determining an evaluation score. The higher the weight, the more the answer will affect the evaluation score. So if an assessment for a sales position is, "Has a nice speaking voice on the phone" has a weight of 50%, a candidate scoring of 2 out of 10 for this question would have a tough time getting a great evaluation score.

Don't worry about how The Betterinterviews combines a sliding scale with a weight to determine a score for each assessment. Consider it magic. Just trust that it is always calculated the exact same way no matter how many times an evaluation is completed (unless someone changes the weights of the evaluation template).

So to summarize: 
1. Evaluations are created using Evaluation Templates and help you assess each candidate. 
2. Evaluation Templates are comprised of Assessments, each with its own weight towards impacting the score. 
3. Evaluation Scores are "automagically" calculated reliably each time as you complete an evaluation for a candidate. 
4. Don't worry about how the evaluation score is calculated – just trust it helps keep everyone using the same assessment criteria.

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